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yes.. yes they can

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Q: Can a person only have one butt cheek?
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How do you fix one butt cheek that is bigger than the other?


How can you get a toned butt?

Scoot on your butt around the house. One cheek then the other as if your butt is walking. That is the best way to get a firm and shapely behind.

What tattoo does kapri styles have on her butt?

joy on one cheek and prosperity on the other

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That's a good one. Hard to describe, but a good one. I can only do it with an example. Butt punch fever only happens with girls or gay mean. It is the moment after butt sex that the person realizes that they really like it. Butt punch fever.....

Definition of a person with one buttock cheek?

What is "unigluteal".

What does the idiom 'cheek by jowl' originate from?

It originates from: The Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare - if two people are together with one person's cheek right by another person's cheek (jowl), they are pretty close indeed.

Can a person too big for standard toilet?

Yes a person can of course if a person has a big butt than they need a super big one instead of a small tiny butt toilet. By omilkghmon

How many cheeks does a human have?

A human has 4 cheeks. 2 butt cheeks and 2 cheeks on their face. :)

Why are there two cheeks on the buttocks?

Well my child when everyone is born they have one butt cheek then you mother of the species slices your buttocks in half so that is why there are two cheeks :) hallalosh dahling!

What is the 30 30 30 rule?

Applies to Italian/Greek women. They're either 30kg in total, 30kg per butt cheek, and there's 30 years between one and the other!

What is meant by the phrase 'tongue in cheek'?

Tongue in cheek usually means a figure of speech in one which can laugh in situations that aren't intended to be humorous. Sometimes when a person laughs at something that isn't humor in the normal sense they tend to close their mouths and giggle with their tongue planted in their cheek.

What are pros on China's one child law?

butt butt butt butt butt butt