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No it can't. Your body determines it.

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Q: Can a period be delayed
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Can your period be delayed by not eating?


Can an under active thyroid stop ones period?

Yes, your period can be delayed from it.

What were the four stages of impact on humans from the nuclear detonation in Hiroshima?

Initial stage Intermediate stage Late period Delayed period

Should I be concerned if I am not stress a virgin have not drastically changed anything never had a late period but my current period is delayed?

If you are having concerns about your period delayed, you should consult with your physician to see what the issue may be.

Can running delay a period?

I do not think so,after all, I am runniing too,but my periods havent delayed. It usually happens that the periods get delayed due to some reason,but it has no association with period delay.

What can cause a delayed period in a 41 year old woman who has a copper IUD?

A copper IUD will not delay your period. The same things can cause a delayed period in women with or without the copper IUD. These include pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations.

How long does it take for your period to return after missing a pill?

Your period should not be delayed from missing a single pill.

Can traveling delay your period?

no nothing can it is a female nature for this to happen and can not be delayed

Can stress move your period date?

Yes, stress can cause your period to be delayed. When you're stressed it can delay ovulation as the body will try to prevent pregnancy when you're stressed, and thus in turn menstruation is delayed too.

Do you have to start taking birth control the week after your period or can you start them whenever?

You can start them whenever, but it is a possibility that your period will be delayed.

If you are 13 and didn't have a period yet is that ok?

Yes. If you are athletic and slim, it can be delayed.

Does tension delay periods?

Yes, high levels of stress and tension can disrupt the hormonal balance in the body, potentially causing delays in the menstrual cycle. This disruption can result in irregular periods or even missed periods. It's important to manage stress levels to help maintain a regular menstrual cycle.