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Q: Can a pellet gun break a cars window?
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What can be charged with for shooting pellet gun at cars driving by?

Attempted murder or a variety or other charges.

Does the crosman raven pellet gun come with a scope?

The Raven is a pellet Rifle not a Gun. No, it does not come with a scope, it does have a mount for a scope or attachment of your choice. It comes in Black or Pink. It's a break barrel rifle and fires a .177 pellet at 600 feet per second.

Can an spring loaded BB gun break a window?


Can you shoot a pheasant with a pellet gun?

It depends on the model and the caliber of the Pellet gun.

Will a 295 fps bb gun break a car window?

It may not break the window but it will most likely chip or crack the window that will lead to more damage.

Where can I trade my break barrel pellet gun for a pcp air gun?

You can't. You will have to sell your old air gun, then use the money towards a new PCP air rifle.

What is the meaing of pulet gun?

I think you mean pellet gun. That is a gun that fires a small lead pellet but does not use gun powder. It uses compressed air or compressed gasses to push the pellet.

How do you load daisy model 120 pellet gun?

The Crosman 120 is a rifle not a gun. It is a break barrel. Cock the barrel all the way down and load a pellet into the rear of the barrel. Pull the barrel back up and it' is ready to fire.

Can you carry a pellet gun pistol for protection in NY?

A pellet gun is not adequate for protection, and will get you arrested.

How do you put back the trigger part of the pellet gun?

It all depends on the model and who made the pellet gun. I suggest that you re-post the queston with the model and make of the pellet gun to get an answer.

What is the chances of dying if you get shot with a pellet gun?

Any pellet gun should be handled like a real firearm. Yes you can be killed with a pellet gun under the right circumstances.

Can you use a bullet in a pellet gun?

No. Even if it would fit in the chamber, there is no firing pin on a pellet gun.