Can a nuke destroy a country?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes. 70,000 people were instantly killed at Hiroshima. Another 70,000 at Nagasaki, 3 days later. Nukes can easily wipe away big islands. Basically, nuclear bombs make extremely powerful reactions that release TONS of energy and they could easily wipe away A LOT of land.

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Q: Can a nuke destroy a country?
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Can emp destroy tactical nuke?

An EMP cannot destroy a nuke, but maybe in a glitched match

Can you destroy a nuke with a killstreak in MW2?

yes!! if u save your emp. which is a 15 killstreak. most people think that an emp is useless but it will destroy a nuke. hoooorah!!!!!!!

How can the rainforest be damaged?

A nuke could destroy a rain forest.

Can 1 nuke destroy the world?

No, 1 single nuke cannot destroy the world but it can still do serious damage, cause huge destructions and can also kill over 3 million people. 12 to 20 nukes can destroy the world!

What does nuke really mean?

Is means to destroy with nuclear weapons. Destroy by using nuclear weapons of mass destruction!

Can you destroy a tactical nuke in mw2?

well comrade there is no DESTROYING IT even if you did wouldn't it still hit you? i mean its a NUKE not a predator missle[you can destroy a predator missle by shooting at it] but you can avoid a nuke! use a predator missle seconds before it comes and you will avoid it im not saying you wont die i just heard this

Who did you nuke?

To date the only country to have used nuclear weapons to destroy and kill is the USA North Korea have recently been testing the impact and damage nukes can have on towns and cities and sent a nuke into the air to see exactly how fast it can travel. PS i nuked yo momma

What happens if you have nuclear weapons?

Basically if you have nuclear weapons, I can really tell that your enemies do not want to mess around with you. If they mess around with you and want to destroy your country, you can nuke their whole entire World.

How big of a range can a nuke destroy?

5 Miles from where the nuke exploded will be destroyed 10 Miles severe damage 30 Miles is broken glass and some damage

How can crime problem be addressed in Nigeria?

Nuke the country

Describe how an earthquake can destroy a country?

An earthquake CAN NOT destroy a country.

Can a nuke destroy the sun?

No. Compared to an X class Solar flare which typically releases as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs and does the Sun no harm at all. No nuke that man could make could even scratch the Sun.