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No. In order to get pregnant there has to be sperms and a egg and men don't have eggs.

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Q: Can a male get a male pregnant?
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Can male hamsters be pregnant?

No, it is either a female if it is pregnant or an over fed male ! Just a fun fact, male seahorses get pregnant, but that is about the only animale where the male does.

How does a male get pregnant?

Male has no ovaries to get pregnant only sperms in his testies to get pregnant u need eggs in womb which is absent in male

How does a genia pig get pregnant without a male?

a guinea pig can not get pregnant without a male.

Can i put the male with the female if she is pregnant?

male and female what?

How does the peacock get pregnant?

peahens drink peacocks tear's. Then she is pregnant.

Why is your pregnant rabbit trying to encourage the male to mate with her?

Then she isn't pregnant or if she is just put the male away from her

Can adults get pregnant on The Sims 2 for mac?

Yes, male and female can but, only in strangetown the male can get pregnant......anywhere else male cannot.

Can a female Syrian hamster get pregnant without a male?

No, a Syrian Hamster needs a male to become pregnant.

Can blood of a male get you pregnant?


Compute the probability given an event that a male person will get pregnant mathematically?

The probability that mathematics will make a male pregnant is zero!

Are the Jonas Brothers pregnant?

Believe it or not, they are male. Thus, they cannot be pregnant

What are the odds of you being pregnant?

The odds of me being pregnant are 0 as I am male.