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Can a white round pill m18 get me high

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βˆ™ 2012-04-30 20:57:27
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Q: Can a m18 white pill get you high?
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What does the term 'm18' refer to?

The term 'M18' can be used to refer to a few different firearms and military equipment. In firearme, M18 can be used to refer to the M18 Claymore and the M18 recoilless rifle from late World War 2. In military equipment, M18 can be used to refer to the M18 Hellcat tank and AN M18 which is a colored smoke grenade.

What is a white round pill with 128 on one side and c?

It's a blood pressure pill won't get you high.

What is a Very very small flat round white pill with a z on it?

It is probably Zestril, a pill to reduce high blood pressure.

Is a white pill a noun or verb?

pill: noun white: adjective

Is the white side of Concerta pill the side that gets u high?

that's a terrible question

What is the place of origin of the M18 Claymore mine?

The place of origin of the M18 Claymore mine is the United States.For more information on the M18 Claymore mine i recommend visiting Military Factory the website.

What actors and actresses appeared in M18 - 2011?

The cast of M18 - 2011 includes: Elson Soh as Wen Jie

Does the new white suboxone pill D155 block getting high?

nope works like the rest

What is a white round pill with 357?

According to the Pill Identifier at, there is no white round pill with 357 imprinted on the surface. If you are talking about hydrocodone/acetaminophen, the pill is white and oblong or capsule shaped.

What is a round white pill WPI 839?

Round white pill WPI 839

What is a round white pill with ip 202 on it?

what is a white round pill with a4 and 202 on it

What is white pill with 5151 on it?

What kind of pill is round white with 5151 on one side

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