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Yes it can

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Q: Can a infection stop your period and cause cramping?
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Can kidney stones cause no period?

From everything I read it can not stop a period BUT a kidney or other Urinary tract infection can cause a late or missed period.

Can a vaginal infection stop your period?

Yes, a vaginal infection can stop your period. This is because the PH balance can get messed up and stop the entire menstrual cycle.

Is it normal for the cramping to stop during early pregnancy?

Yes. Cramping during early pregnancy comes and goes.

Can BV cause period to stop for 5 months?

BV won't cause period to stop for 5 months.

What is mean stop the period?

to stop cramping use some aleve, for bleeding just wear tampons or pads, you cant stop it unless you get surgery, buts thats 5,00 on that!

Can sunflower oil cause your period to stop?


What can cause your period to stop?

having a baby

Can your period stop a bladder infection?

The answer to this is no. I had a bladder infection while I was on holiday last year, even though I was on my period, the infection still remains and will not go away unless you take antibiotics which will be prescribed by your GP.

How do you stop cramping in ribs?

To stop cramping in the ribs it is important to first find out why there is cramping. The ribs are tender and can crack or shift easily. It is best to seek medical help for this reason.

Does sucking on a lemon delay your period?

it will stop it for like two days or so. Cramping can also occur by this, but meds can take the cramps away.

Will cramping stop baby from kicking?


If you have urine infection can this stop period?

I've never heard it stops it but it might make it be late.