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Yes, guys LOVE tomboys because they can relate to them. They usually like them as friends and if they have a girly side to them, they might have a shot at love!

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Q: Can a guy really like a tomboy whos also a girly girl?
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What do you call a girl that is in between a girly-girl and a tomboy?

You call them both or a girly girlish tomboy.

Is kimberly a girly girl name or tomboy name?

A girl chooses to be a tomboy or a girly girl. If she chooses to be a tomboy, she might pick a nickname like Kat or Kit.

Is Zendaya Coleman a tomboy or a girly girl?

she was a tomboy when she was little but she is a girlie girl now ={)

Who is the girly girl Ashley or marykate?

Ashley is the girly girl. Mary Kate is a tomboy.

Is Sophia Ludwig a tomboy or a girly girl?

Girly girl…I know her in real life

Is Ginny Weasley a tomboy?

Not really, Hermione is more of a tomboy than Ginny.

Can you be a tomboy from wearing a snap back?

no unlesss you are already a tomboy ...a girly girl can rock a snapback

Is sam from icarly a boy or does she dress like a boy?

In icarly sam is not a tomboy well like shes a tomboy and girly a the same time like shes not girly and shes not a tomboy well the way she acts its kinda a tom boy but shes like normal the way she dresses not a tomboy and not girly.[;

How do you turn your tomboy friend into a girly girl?

you don't. accept her as she is.

Which olsen twin is girly girl?

Ashley is more girly gril Mary-kate is more the rock type tomboy girl

Do girly girls like tomboys?

Yea if you watch Icarly or Hannah Montana Lilly Or sam is tomboy Carly or Miley is girly Me and my bff are like that im kinda in the middle but im more tomboyish or just a girl they are lots of Girly girl and tomboys that are friends. Yeah. My best friend was a girly girl and I was a tomboy.

Should a girl be more tomboy or girly girl im 13?

well its not really a choice i can make because its about what you want and how you feel. but i would say be a girly girl while your young!! enjoy make up and all that good stuff!