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No - if a girl has a penis then she is physically male and thus doesn't have a uterus, as such she does not menstruate.

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Q: Can a girl with a penis have periods?
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What a girl will do if they saw your penis?

It depends on the girl and the penis.

Is it possible for a surgeon to make a penis for a transgender girl?

A transgender girl would already have a penis.

Is it natural for a girl to have a penis?

You may be confused. Girls do not have a penis.

What is the smallest size of penis to satisfy a girl or a lady?

It can be virtually nonexistent as a girl can be satisfied with out the use of a penis.

What does a boy have that a girl does not?

a penis

Can a girl get a penis?


Can you get a girl pregnant if you have a 4.5 in penis?

The size of the penis has nothing to do with your ability to get someone pregnant. Its your sperm. So yes you can get a girl pregnant with a 4.5 in penis.

Why does a girl have periods?

Girls have periods so that the ovaries can wash out the eggs, also so that the girl and get pregnant :)

How do you satisfy a girl with 6 inch penis?

Let me tell you, If she's got a penis of any size she is not a girl.

What is a girl who has a penis called?

A girl with a penis is called...her name.You may be referring to a transgender person: a trans woman who has a penis. You may be referring to an intersex person: a female born with a penis.

How do you satisfy a girl with a small penis?

A girl should not have a penis, small or otherwise. Girls with penises are almost exclusively boys.

Why does a penis grow when a girl is around?

It is wrong to say "the penis grows when a girl is around". Actually, the vessels inside the penis relax to let more blood into the veins of the penis (we call it cavernous vessels). This engorgement of vessels makes the penis get larger in case the girl is available for a penetration. This is called erection, not growing.

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