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Q: Can a girl get prgant when she is on her period?
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What happens if a girl doesn't get her period?

a girl 17 hasn't had a period what is wrong

Is a girl pregnant if she skips her period?

That alone is not a confirmation of being pregnant. A girl may skip her period for too many reasons. But yes a pregnant girl does miss her period.

What is a girl's MC period?

It is their menstrual cycle period.

Can figerring a girl delay period?

No this will not delay a period.

What is girl mc period?

It is their menstrual cycle period.

If a girl has irregular period how would she know which stage of pregnancy she is on?

If a girl has her period it all she is not pregnant. Irregularities in when the girl starts her period are a natural phenomena. the only way to control is, is by using the anticonception pill, but "the girl" has to see her doctor about that.

What does a period enable a girl to do?

Once a girl has begun to menstruate (get her period), then she is able to have a baby and become sexually active.

Does a girl have to have a period for a full week?

no not at all period may vary from 4 to 14 days in the same girl

How do you bleed out of your vagina?

if you mean when a girl has her period, this happens once a month once the girl reaches puberty.

Can a girl get a girl pregnant during her period?

Yeah. It happened to me.

Can a girl get pregnant if she has not had her period for almost a year?

A girl who hasn't had a period for a year needs to go and see a doctor and no i assume not.

What is the Period Talk?

A talk in school relating to a girl's period perhaps?