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no. sperm has to be ejaculated in vaginal tract to fertilize your released egg - egg is released during ovulation (usually 10-17 days after your period)

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant when swallow men sprem during her periods?
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Can you get pregnant from swoalling sprem?


Is sprem good for woman?

If she has a desire to become pregnant.

Will you get pregnant if just a tad of sprem hit your virgina?

Theoretically, you still could.

58 percent men sprem range beable to pregnant any womwn?

If a man has any viable sperm, he could potentially get a woman pregnant.

What can make a man sprem shoot out?

What is sprem?

Is it true when a girl and guy does it while she is pregnant can the guy sprem still work on the baby to look like him?

it is not true cyco

How tall is Karolina Sprem?

Karolina Sprem is 5' 8".

Can you get pregnant from a little sprem?

You can, but the more sperm you have the better. If ur tryin to get preggers make sure ur man can make a lot of sperm.

Can a woman get pregnant from sprem on her back?

Yes and no. Sometimes if the girls skin is thin enough the sperm will squeeze through it and eventually make to the vagina. You should know if she's pregnant in the next few days.

How long does sprem last inside a woman?

I've heard five days. sex ed. teacher said you can have sex on Monday and not get pregnant till Friday.

If sprem gets on your tampon string can you become pregnant?

No, you cannot get pregnant from sperm on a tampon string. Sperm needs to go inside your vagina, on the string there is no medium through which the sperm can swim up into the vagina. You can be at risk of STI's/STD's though.

When the sprem goes into the female is there a possibillity that they will get pregnant?

Yes, anytime there is contact between genitals you should have protection. For example "pulling out" does not work because not all the sperm comes out at one time.