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If you can dream it you can do it.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if the guy is totally nude and she is wearing her panties?
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If a guy likes wearing girls panties are they still considered girls panties?

Yes. In the term "girl's panties", the word "girl's" acts as an adjective that modifies panties, and does not relate to actual legal ownership. You could consider this they are PANTIES not girls or boys. If you like them then they are just panties. Newer stiles (womens) as called panties are now a lot larger in the front than before. Belief is that without admitting it manufacturers are now trying to capture the male panty wearing croud. Believe me you would be surprised howmany guys are wearing panties under there jeans.

Can a girl get pregnant if she had her shorts and panties on and the guy had his boxers and shorts on and ejaculated on the girl's shorts?

The answer to this is NO. A girl can only get pregnant IF ejaculate somehow gets into the vagina. If a girl has both shots AND panties on she pretty much should have nothing to worry about if the guy did ejaculate on her shorts.

Why is it inappropriate for a girl to wear a bra and panties but not a bikini?

If a girl is wearing a bra and panties under her clothes, but will not wear a bikini when swimming, there is nothing inappropriate. If a girl wears a bra and panties as a bathing suit, it is inappropriate because a bikini actually is less revealing than underwear and is made to wear in public.

Why are boys more trendy than girls?

Have you ever seen a girl wearing saggy pants and her panties sticking out? That's what I thought.

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy dry humped the girl the guy was wearing boxers while the girl was wearing mini shorts?

Not if the hump remained dry, and probably not anyhow.

What is the duration of Girl with the Golden Panties?

The duration of Girl with the Golden Panties is 1.75 hours.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is not wearing anything but the guy is wearing his underwear but it is not damp after dry humping can the girl get pregnant?

Most likely not, but it is better to be on the safe side and take a pregnancy test to make sure, and be more careful.

When was Girl with the Golden Panties created?

Girl with the Golden Panties was created on 1980-03-28.

What should a sister do if she catches her brother wearing her panties?

Offer to buy him panties that fit him in whatever color and design he likes. Remember, cross dressers are not necessarily gay. Make him dress up complete as a girl everyday.

When a girl kissed to a boy and and her panties become wet whether she get pregnant?

You don't get pregnant by being aroused and kissing. His semen has to be inside your vagina to fertilize the egg. Unprotected sex is the way to get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if she wasn't wearing underwear and i was wearing spandix?

No. If you do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all...

Can a girl get pregnant if her bf burst out on his short and she sits on it wearing her underwear?

yes, there is a chance