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Q: Can a girl get pregnant by swallowing man's sperm?
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Can a mans prenut get a girl pregnant?

Yes, all it takes is one sperm and you will have a bundle of joy.

Can a woman get pregnant by a man an another mans sperm take over?

No. Once the sperm is in the egg no other sperm is allowed in.

Can you get pregnant without a mans spurn?

If you mean "a man's sperm" then no, you can't. But you don't necessarily have to have sex with a guy to get pregnant because these days there are medical procedures you can go through if you want to get pregnant...but sperm is still involved with that.

Can you get pregnant if you empty your mans sperm out a condom?

once it hits the air usually 80% die off.

Is it bad for a girl to swallow a guys sperm?

Im not to sure about swallowing it, but it definatly helps putting it on pimples. its anatural part of the mans body so it should be safe to swallow

Is it hamful for girl swallow mans sperm especially pregnants?

It is neither harmful nor helpful.

Why do people go for In Vitro Fertilization?

they get in vitro because they can get pregnant naturally or the mans sperm count is too low

Can tampons get you pregnant?

the answer is NO. Lowering your changes of getting pregnant can only be successful through safe sex, which includes use of condoms or birth control contraceptives. wearing a tampon will NOT lower your chances. that is a myth

When a guy is wet does it get you pregnant?

Not essentially. The mans organ escreates a fluid before coming so that the sperm ducts nutralize so that te sperm does not get contaminated and die. It is very rarely that the secreation have sperm whitin.