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Q: Can a girl cheat a pregnancy test?
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What should a pharmacist do if a 15 year old girl asked for a pregnancy test to be done?

she/he has to give the girl a pregnancy test if she asks for it

How to check the girl is pregnant?

use pregnancy test

False pregnancy tests?

can you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantcan you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantAnsweryou can have a false negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

Can sperm cause a girl to to show positive in a drug test?

No. They can cause a girl to show positive in a pregnancy test, though.

How can you know whether a girl got pregnant or not?

get a pregnancy test m8

Im 16 and got cam in tonight can you take a test tonight?

Are you a Girl? If you are a girl... It takes at least a couple weeks to test for pregnancy.

Why would doctor do pregnancy test if girl is virgin?

Pregnancy is a reasonable condition to suspect if a girl's periods stopped. It is not difficult to test for and helps take the diagnostic process to the next stage once pregnancy is dismissed. If she is pregnant, then obviously she is not really a virgin.

What Is a sentence for cheat?

Did you cheat on your test?Yes, I did cheat on my test.

How can you tell when your girl is pregnant?

If a pregnancy test comes out positive. Although, pregnancy tests aren't always 100% accurate.

How to cheat on the GED test?

can you cheat on the ged

How do you cheat on a home pregnancy test?

The only way you can do this is either 1) buy the cheapest pregnancy test you can find at least 3 of those and one of them should come out positive if you pee on it...2) get an actual pregnant friend to pee on it for you...

A doctors pregnancy test vs home pregnancy test?

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

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