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Probably not,unless what she thinks is her period is actually implantation bleeding.

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Q: Can a girl be pregnant if she gets her period 20 days after sex?
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Can you girl get pregnant 3 days before she gets her period?

yes very very likely.

If a girl has not had her period but gets pregnant then will she have it during her pregnancy?

No, you will not have your period while pregnant.

Can a girl be pregnant after having protected sex has a late period but then a few days later gets her period?

Yes, this is an indicator of pregnancy.

What are the chances a girl is pregnant if she gets her period late and it ends early?

I have before my period, I start my period for 3 days then My period was stop after my period for 3 days, I want to know what happened to me?

Can the girl get pregnant after 3 days of period?


Can a girl get pregnant two days after period ends?


If a girl gets pregnant does she still get her period?

Some do, some don't.

When a girl get off her period in 4 days what does that mean?


Can a girl get pregnant if you came in her 5 days before her period?


Can a girl get pregnant a couple day's after her period?

Yes, a girl can get pregnant a couple of days after her period. During the typical 28 day cycle a woman will be fertile around days 7-16, thus just after her period she may be fertile.

If a girl period on can she get pregnant?

Yes, it is not as common to get pregnant while on your period, but you still can get pregnant. Sperm can live inside a women for a few days and it is definitely possible.

Can a girl have her period when pregnant?

no a girl can not have her period when she is pregnant. some females spot while pregnant and they get that confused with their period.

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