Can a friend legally become your sister?

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2011-09-12 20:04:01

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Only if your parents adopt her.

Yes if your mom or dad marries your friends mom or dad.

OR if you become soul sisters.

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2011-09-12 20:04:01
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Q: Can a friend legally become your sister?
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Can your cousin legally become your sister?

Your cousin could legally become your step-sister. Your cousin could legally become your sister if she were adopted by your mother or father. This is because by law persons adopted by others are considered children of the adopting persons.

Can your best friend legally become your sister?

i would love to know because im so close with one of mine, we call each other soul sistas. but i think you can legally.

How do you make your sister-in-law your sister?

Your sister-in-law can never become your sister. However, if your parents adopt her legally (most unlikely) she might become your adopted sister. If your husband's brother marries your sister, then your sister will also be your sister in-law...

How to become a good sister-in-law to a soon to be husband's sister and how should you ideally treat her?

Like a real sister..but no fighting...more like a best friend...

Can you get rid of your sister?

Not legally

Who helped albert Einstein become what he was?

Uncle Jakob, his Sister Maja and his friend Max Talmud.

Can your sister legally take your moms money out when you both were on it?

Can my sister legally take my moms checking and savings out when we were both executors

What do you do if your friend is dating your sister?

Nothing. Your friend is dtill your friend and your sister is still your sister. They'll probably break up anyway.

What is Possessive form of the friend of my sister?

The possessive form is my sister's friend.

Can your best friend be your sister?

Yes. And also, your sister can be your best friend.

What it the Irish for 'your sister and friend'?

'Your sister and friend' is 'Do dheirfiúr agus do chara'.

What do you call sister in urdu?

sister friend

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