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Q: Can a fridge save you from a nuclear attack?
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What was nuclear deterrence or mutual destruction?

nuclear deterrence - the idea that if you attack me with nuclear weapons then I will attack you back with nuclear weaponsmutual assured destruction - the idea that if you attack me with nuclear weapons then I will totally destroy you with nuclear weapons and if I attack you with nuclear weapons then you will totally destroy me with nuclear weapons - thus any nuclear attack by either party will result in the certain destruction of both parties

When was the fridge introduced in Australia?

the fridge was intoduced to save iniana jones

How much energy does fridge seals save?

it does not save energy at all

Can you keep sperm in fridge and eat it later?

no you can not put sperm in the fridge and save it for later

Why is the attack of Hiroshima important today?

Hiroshima held the first nuclear attack bringing the nuclear age.

Will weaver Alabama surive a nuclear attack?

If there's a nuclear attack on Alabama, the whole world will wind up in a nuclear war, and that will be the end of the entire human race.

What was the general belief of Americans concerning the cold war?

Americans were afraid of a possible nuclear attack.

What do you use nuclear?

we use nuclear because it helps save energy

Use nuclear in a sentence?

It was a nuclear bomb. Everyone was afraid of a nuclear bomb. The nuclear power plant malfunctioned. The Cold War was about fear of nuclear attack.

Can US use nuclear weapons?

If Russia, Afghanistan or any country tries to attack us we can use a nuclear weapon and send them back home. The countries with nuclear weapons won't attack us with those weapons because they know that if they attack with them, we will attack them back ans nobody wants to be attacked.

Can you survive a can opener attack?

yes if you have a pet cockroach because they can survive any attack from a nuclear to a can opener attack

Will nuclear fusion save us?

from cancer? no