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Under federal law - applicable to every state and territory of the US - a convicted felon may not purchase, possess, or have access to firearms, period. So the answer is no.

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Q: Can a felon in Indiana be in a car with a firearm?
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Can felon in state of Indiana own a firearm?


Can felon be with armed friend in car?

Yes, a felon can be in a car with a licensed gun carrier, but the felon is not allowed to access the gun. The law states that the felon may not own or possess the gun.

How does a convicted felon petition the court to regain his right to possess a firearm in the state of Indiana if his conviction was in another state?

Hire an attorney that is a member of the Indiana Bar.

In Florida can a convicted felon be around someone who owns a firearm?

A felon can be "around" a person with a firearm as long as the felon doesn't own or possess the firearm, however, "possess" is subjective. If the felon can access the firearm, it might be considered possession if something were to happen.

Can a felon have a firearm in his home or on his property?

No, he cannot have a firearm.

Can a felon live in a residence that has a firearm?

Yes, but firearm must be under lock and key and NOT accessable to the felon

Can a felon havee a firearm?


How can a felon get pardoned to possess a firearm?

Being pardoned does not allow a felon to possess a firearm. Only an overturning of the conviction can do that.

Is a picture enough to convict a felon of firearm charge?

It is reason enough to get a search of the persons house and car etc.

Can a convicted felon ride in a car with someone who has a registered gun n license?

Yes, but the firearm may not be present in the vehicle in any manner in which it may be accessible to the convicted felon.. in such an instance, it's best to err on the side of caution, and not have a firearm in that vehicle period while the convicted felon is in that vehicle.

Can a felon own a firearm in Virginia?


Felon with firearm law?

Very simply, a felon cannot own or have possession of a firearm, anywhere in the U.S. There is an exception. IN SOME CASES a felon can have some or all of his rights restored.