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Not in ANY state. Covered by Federal law.

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Q: Can a convicted felon own a gun in tx?
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Where can a convicted felon find an apartment in Lubbock TX?

Park Tower

Can a convicted felon rent an apartment in Corpus Christi TX?


Can a felon convicted for conterfeiting get a CNA license in the state of tx?

It is highly unlikely.

You want to get a form to get your gun rights back in tx?

There is no such form. Your question doesn't say - but If you are a convicted felon, Federal law forbids convicted felons from ever owning or possessing a firearm or ammunition. (US Code, Title 18)

Can a convicted felon obtain a professional HVAC license in the state of TX?

Yes, and many do.

Can you own a firearm in TX if your spouse is a felon?


What is the statue of limtations on a gun charge in tx if not convicted?

Question makes no sense. If you weren't convicted there is no statute of limitations.

Can a felon own a firearm in the state of tx?

A felon may not own, possess, or be allowed access to firearms ANYWHERE in the United States, as per federal law.

Can a ex-felon get a concealed permit in tx to carry a hand gun?

It depends on what you mean by "ex" felon. Generally speaking, there is no such thing as an ex felon. People typically used the term ex-felon to mean someone who is no longer in prison, but the person still a felon. If a person has a felony on his record, he cannot legally own or even possess a firearm, and no state will issue a gun permit to him. The exception to that is a felon who has had his rights restored. This is something you have to request through a legal process, so if that has happened, the felon will know it.

Can you own a firearm in the state of tx with an state jail felony?

To my knowledge, If you are a Convicted Felon then you are forbidden from owning/possessing a firearm in ALL states, not just one area. I admit I could be wrong about this, if anyone else has better information feel free to update this answer.

Is a person considered a convicted felon if there was adjudication withheld and only served a probation period?

No, I was offered this type of Probation in TX, the Judge told me that if I completed my probation that there would be no record of conviction.

Am a cvonvicted dwi felon tx a gun was nowhere involved in this case completed probation requirements 2000 is it possible to have hunting rights restored?

Texas does not grant hunting rights to illiterates