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If the damage is not extensive, probably it can be repaired.

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Q: Can a colt challenger be repaired?
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What year was a colt challenger serial number 59988-c made?

A Colt challenger with that serial number was made in 1952.

What is the date of manufacture for a Colt Challenger LR 22 Seria number 46193-C?

That Colt challenger was made in 1952.

Age of colt challenger 19867-c?


Age of colt challenger 46244 - c?

about 1953

When was your Colt Challenger made Serial?


Clean and repair of the colt challenger?

Find a gunsmith

What year was your colt challenger made serial?

You must call Colt with the serial number to find out.

When was colt challenger sn 53952-c made?

about 1953

Where can I get a Colt Diamondback Repaired?

Try your local gunsmith or write or call the Colt mfg company.

How much is a Challenger 22 caliber semi-automatic pistol worth?

That depends... Colt or Browning? Colt Challenger run $350 to $500, depending on model. Browning Challenger runs $250 to $700, depending on model. You've got to be more specific....

Where can you get a Colt Diamondback Pistol Repaired?

Try your local gunsmith or call/write Colt Mfg. Co.

What is the value and year of manufactur of a colt challenger?

No way to date without the sn. You will have to call Colt. 50-200 USD