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Of course they can.

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Q: Can a black man get a married license to marry white woman in the state of Alabama?
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Do you need witnesses to get married in Alabama?

Nope, unless you marry a dolphin

In Georgia if you marry out of state do you take Georgia certificate to Florida to marry?

No, you get a marriage license in the state you wish to get married in. If you are from Georgia, and you travel to Florida to get married, you will need to get a Florida license.

Who did martin Luther king marry and when did they marry?

Martin married Coretta Scott in Alabama, on June 18, 1953.

What is the youngest age for females to marry in Alabama?

Males and females may marry in Alabama at the age of 16 with parental consent but if your 18 you can get married without parental consent.

Did the Black Dahlia marry?

No she never married.

Your friends are having their wedding in Hawaii and asked you to marry them in Hawaii but they are already legally married in California Do you still need to get a license to marry them?


If I marry in Las Vegas and don't file license in home state am I married?

The license is filed in Nevada, by the person who performed the ceremony.

Who did Jack Black marry?

Jack Black married to Tanya Haden in March 14, 2006

Did Shirley Temple ever marry?

Yes Shirley Temple did marry. She actually married twice. First she married John Agar and had a girl named Linda Susan but then she divorced him. Next she married Charles Black and had two kids - Charles Alden Black Jr. and Lori Alden Black

But when the license expires after 60 days are you still married?

The license is needed to just marry you legally. The marriage will stay in place until death of one spouse or both or until a divorce is final. You just need to BE married before the license expires.

Can you get married in Alabama at the age of 17 with parent consent?

In Alabama you have to be 18 in order to get married without parental consent

If a sixteen year old resident of Alabama is pregnant can she get married without parental consent?

No. Pregnant or not, you need parental permission to marry.