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Yes, a bisexual girl can get jealousy of a really pretty straight girl

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Q: Can a bisexual girl get jealous of a really pretty straight girl?
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Am I lesbian or Straight?

I am... None im really "Bisexual"

Your friend kissed your gay friend and said she did it cuz she was jealous of her bisexual friend but she swears she is straight is she bi-curious?

That is possible, but it is also possible she is telling the truth. You can never really tell unless you can read minds.

Why is it that most bisexual guys will say that they are straight or most often will say that they are not gay?

This occurs when the person is ashamed of themselves or self-hating. They may be embarrassed to admit who they really are.In the entire world, it is a fair statement that most bisexual people claim to be straight, and most gay people claim to be straight or bisexual, because they are closeted or not true to themselves.

What is Tom Thayer's sexual orientation?

No body really knows his sexual orientation... It could be gay, bisexual or straight.

How do you get your ex back from their new boy?

dress pretty make him jealous by going out with someone else and then he will be jealous because that man has got you and he hasn't and he will realise how amazing you really are

Are dodo birds really extinct?

Pretty straight answer unfortunately Yes.

Why do guys like girls breast?

Well if you think about it, even if you're not a straight guy, bisexual or a lesbian, breast can actually be really beautifully shaped. And I'm a straight girl

If a guy was straight is now gay can you change him?

No, you can't. This person is either actually bisexual, or has been denying his feelings and "playing straight". Either way, he's probably having a pretty rough time right now: his whole world is changing, really fast. Don't try to change him. If you can, just be a friend.

If a gay and a lesbian date does that make them straight?

No that makes them gay as they are both gay.

Can being bisexual hurt you?

IM BI-SEXUAL IT DOESNT HURT A BIT TRUST ME It can hurt if you love someone who is straight or doesn't really like you in that way then it can really really hurt, this is what im going through :(

What do you do when you like a bisexual but your straight?

What do u like about that person? Really stop and think about it do u like that person as a friend or lover. experimenting can help you find out who you really are but really stop and think about it before anything happens.

How do you know if a straight guy is gay but he has a girlfriend?

It doesn't really matter if the young man is straight or gay and for that matter he may be bisexual. It is highly doubtful he is gay and to be brutally honest, it's none of your business whether you feel he may be straight or gay.