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No Little children like 8 to15 cant get pregnant well and 1 through 15 cant get pregnant

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Q: Can a 6 year old get pregnant from a 11 year old?
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Can a 6 year old get a 9 year old pregnant?

Why do you want to know this?

Can your 6 year old Jack Russell get pregnant?

Yes, a six year old dog is capable of getting pregnant.

Can a 6 year old have a baby?

A girl can get pregnant as soon as she starts having monthlys, so if a girl gets them that early, then yes she could get pregnant. The earliest I've ever heard of though was an 11 year old who had a c section.

How old am i. I am a year 6?


Can a 6 year old boy get someone pregnant?

A 6-year-old boy cannot get someone pregnant. Boys are able to get a girl pregnant when they begin to produce sperm, which generally begins at the onset of puberty, around ages 11 to 14.The youngest recorded father was 13 years old, which is still after the onset of puberty. Therefore, it is not biologically possible for a 6-year-old boy to impregnate someone.

How old do you have to be to be the boss of a 6 year old?

11 years old

Can a 16 year old girl get pregnant from a 6 year old boy?

No. At 6, the male body is not developed enough to produce sperm.

Can a 11 year old keep a 6 year old?

Only if the 11 year wants to go to jail. It's illegal. The adult who allowed it will be the one in trouble, not the 11 yr old.

When did paula Patton get pregnant?

Last year. He is now 6 months old.

Is it legal for an 11-year-old to look after her 6-year-old brother in the UK?


What is the average height of 11 year old children?

If you are an 11 year old GIRL that is 5 foot 6 in. you should weigh 100-120 Pounds

How heavy is the average 11 year old?

Around 6 stone?