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Q: Can a 410 shotgun use a forty-five caliber bullet safely?
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Can you safely shoot a 243 caliber bullet from a 410 gauge?

Hell no. .410 is not a gauge it is a caliber. True gauge is a measurement of the number of lead balls of bore diameter that constitute a pound. The .243 bullet is a lot smaller than the diameter of a .410 barrel. There are some .410's that can shoot 45 colts but not all can.

What is the largest shotgun shell?

The longest shotgun shell that you can safely use in your 12 gauge shotgun are 3 inchers.

Can you safely shoot a 45LC in a smooth bore 410 shotgun with a full choke?

Absolutely not. A .45 Long Colt bullet is nominally .455 inches in diameter. A .410 is .41 caliber. The cartridge will fit because of the extra chamber diameter to accommodate the thick body of the shotgun shell, but attempting to fire a revolver cartridge will result in overpressure, a burst barrel, and likely injury.The chamber pressure of a .45 LC is higher than a shotgun is designed to tolerate, to begin with.

What caliber pistol can you load and shoot in a 410?

None. While there are firearms made to shoot .45 Colt AND .410 shotshells, they are designed and made to do that. A regular .410 shotgun is NOT made to do that safely.

Can a 410 shoot a 44 caliber bullet?

Some .410's in good condition will also chamber the .45 (Long) Colt cartridge. FROM: Riktoo A .45 Long Colt is .455 outside diameter. A 410 shotgun is 410 at the muzzle but imy 3 inch full choke barrel measures only .390 at the muzzle. Do the math ! Can you squeeze .455 lead bullet down to .390 with enough pressure. Answer . Yes.... if you want to blow your gun and yourself to eternity. CAPICH ?

Can you shoot a 380 caliber bullet in another gun?

Let's start by using the right term- I think you mean a .380 cartridge- many guns use .380 caliber BULLETS.In general, NO. Unlike .22 shorts and long rifles, rimless cases do not interchange. It may be possible to get a .380 cartridge to fire in another gun- but not safely. Use ammo that is the caliber marked on the gun.

Can you use 45 LC in a 410 pump shotgun please don't respond if your going to call me an idiot its just a theoretical question?

Only a .45 LC shot cartridge, same width but length is to short to safely shoot it with a bullet.

Can a slug be safely shot through a full choke shotgun barrel?


How hot can you safely reload a 470 NE?

500 grain bullet, at 2200 fps

What other bullets can you use in your weatherby 270 other than weatherby magnum?

It can only safely accept the 270 Weatherby Magnum if that is what it is chambered for. If you want to chamber it in some other caliber than get a new rifle. Just because two bullets have the same diameter bullet (270 or any other caliber) does not make it safe to fire it in your gun.

Can you leave shotgun shells in a hot car?

Can you....I think you mean Can you 'SAFELY' leave shotgun shells in a hot car? The short answer is yes, but it will degrade the quality of the ammo.

Can a 410 shotgun use a fouty-five caliber bullet safely?

No, is the short answer. The long answer is a little more complex. The .45 Colt and the .410 share similar base dimensions which make them interchangeable in certain firearms. Usually, however, you find .45 Colt/.410 shotgun combinations, meaning the firearm is designed to shoot .45 Colt, but will also accept .410 shot shells. The Taurus Judge, and Bond Derringer's Snake Slayer are two pistol examples. There are many variations, but the unifying factor is that these guns are designed to handle higher chamber and barrel pressures generated by the .45 Colt cartridge. The barrel of your typical .410 shotgun is very thin in comparison, and is designed to fire shotgun ammunition only. So, if the firearm is specifically designed for it, you can shoot .410 shotgun ammunition through a .45 Colt barrel. You cannot, nor should you attempt, to load a .45 Colt round into a .410 shotgun.

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