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depending on the state. cutting it real close tho since the law is usually 48 months age difference

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Q: Can a 19 year old boy get in trouble for txting sexual things kissing and holding the hand of a 15 year old girl?
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If 14 yr old girl keeps putting herself on a 16 yr old boy can the boy get into trouble with the law for kissing hugging and fondling her?

Any sexual contact (and yes, that includes kissing) with someone below the age of consent, is a crime. Hugging and hand holding, going for pizza and just doing non-sexual things is ok. Please refer to this website for the appropriate age of consent in your state.

How can things be official for a boy and girl to be together?

dating and possible holding hands hugging and or kissing

What sexual things can a girl do with a girl?

You can start by rubbing her boobs and just kissing her and fingering her

Your 15 and your boyfriend is 19 can he get in trouble at all no sex just kissing and holding hands little inicont things could he get in trouble for that if your parents didnt allow you too to date?

Possibly. Your parents could press charges on him if they found out. If you love him and don't want him to get into trouble, stop what your doing right now. Good Luck, letosgirl2009

Do girls like things like holding hands hugging kissing ect.?

Girls do like holding hands, hugging, arm over shoulder, longs walks, kissing, cuddling etc. So basically do all that junk

How love being more strong?

Caring, kissing, holding hands, telling random things, going out together, and enjoy to be together.

What are the laws against a kissing couple out in public?

There are no laws in America against displaying affection in public. Being affectionate with a partner is beautiful. However, there are things to consider when kissing in public like, no extreme sexual indulgence should occur while kissing when in public.

Is it bad for a 15 year old and a 19 year old to have a relationship?

it is not bad but if u think its bad oh wait depends if ur a dude or a chick asking It's illegal if you have sex or do things that are considered sexual in your state. it can be holding hands or kissing in a romantic way etc.

What physicalness do guys want from their girlfriend besides sexual stuff?

Ummm..... maybe just flirting things. Like holding hands or footsie. That's not too sexual

What is a physical relationship?

A physical relationship is when you start to 'explore each others bodies' and may begin to have sexual intercourse but it just means that you start kissing, etc, and more intimate things... physical things...

Can you get prenent by kissing?

Of course not. Only if you do 'other things' while your kissing..

Is dear john appropriate for children?

it has kissing and alot of it. I think sexual things too no. im twelve and i saw it. i mean we know all about that kind of stuff. so i guess it is up to you.