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If they are committing a crime, they can be arrested. They may even be charged as an adult.

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2014-03-29 13:44:59
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Q: Can a 16 or 17 year old be arrested for verbal abuse and harrasment in ny?
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Is it abuse when your husband gets drunk once in a while and then mocks you about how messy you are and about your concern for your 9 year old son?

Yes there are different class of abuse. In this case it is verbal abuse.

I am married to a 18 year but i am 23 can i get arrested for child abuse?

No, 18 is adult age.

Can a 7 year old do weed?

No. Giving a child drugs is child abuse and the person doing it can be arrested for drugs and child abuse.

How many people are arrested for prescription drug abuse each year in America?

over 1000

Would a man get arrested for punching his 8 year old in public?

yes punching a child is a form of abuse not punishment.

Can verbal abuse be helped?

Only if the abuser wants to be helped and commits to a minimum of one year of BATTERER Counseling. (Anger Management is useless for abusers.)

How many pedophiles are arrested a year in the state of North Dakota?

There is no exact numbers as to how many people are arrested each year in any state for pedophilia, as pedophilia is not a crime. Child sexual abuse, however, is a crime. It is estimated that for every one child that comes forward to report sexual abuse, another 8 or 9 do not, and even knowing the number of those arrested for sexually abusing children is not an accurate number.

What year was Galileo arrested WHAT YEAR?

Galileo was arrested in 1823

Will Justin bierber accept if a 9 year old said she likes him?

No. He is 17 and a 9 year old is a child to him and should something happen he would be arrested for child sexual abuse.

Is it illegal for an eighteen year old boy to date a twelve year old girl?

Yes it is. As an 18 year old he is an adult while the 12 year old is a minor child. This is child sexual abuse and he could be arrested.

Twelve year old boy dating an eighteen year old?

This is illegal. The 12 year old is a minor child while the 18 year old is an adult. If sex is involved the 18 year old can be arrested for child sexual abuse.

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what year did king get arrested for going 35m.p.h. in a 25m.p.h ?

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