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No, for a post-pubescent girl to become pregnant, she must have her eggs fertilized by means of sperm from a man.

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Q: Can a 14 year old girl get pregnant if she is naked and humping an arm chair?
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Can a girl get pregnant if she is not wearing anything but the guy is wearing his underwear but it is not damp after dry humping can the girl get pregnant?

Most likely not, but it is better to be on the safe side and take a pregnancy test to make sure, and be more careful.

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You either start out naked or not naked then you get on top of a boy if you are a girl or if you are a boy let the girl get on top of you or if you are not young enough to have a boyfriend then hump a chair,broomstick,bed,something hard,or if you want to hump with no clothes on put a teddy bears cold hard noise in the flaps of your Fijian and start humping. If you want to get in the mood of humping then get a broomstick go in the bathroom lock the door and put the stick part in the flaps of your Fijian and hump that for 6 hours then you might be in the mood of humping. If not keep humping things till you are in the mood of humping.

Can a 11 year old girl get pregnant by humping a pillow?

I doubt this is a serious question, but the answer is no. Male sperm must enter her body and she must have begun having her period (menstruating) to get pregnant.

How does a boy hump a girl?

Well, technically, you can hump a girl anywhere you want. Most people go the traditional route and hump them in the reproductive organ. However, there are some select few that like to hump a girl in the anus. Others like to hump them in the mouths, which is probably more commonplace than humping in the anus. I've never heard of guys humping girls in the eye sockets or ears, but in light of the twisted nature of the youth today, I wouldn't be surprised.

Can you get pregnant by a stuffed animal with semen?

if a man has been on that stuffed animal naked and some...residue...came off, then u can be pregnent by humping it naked

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If a girl's cherry isn't popped and her partner didn't climax is it possible that she can pregnant?

probably not, no :L although if you have had dry sex (body rubbing/humping) and the boy has... well... you know... it could still go through clothes, and there is a chance of the girl getting preggers. (:

Can a girl get pregnant if ony she is nude?

Oh no. As long as semen can find its way inside the girl's vagina she can get pregnant. Doesn't matter if she's entirely naked or have some clothes on. You need to do a lot of homework before you're ready to start having sex.

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