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Yes. Use some cream and wash your hands afterwards

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Yeah, but it might hurt a bit..

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Q: Can a 11 year old put finger in anus?
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Do you get pregnant if you put your finger in your anus?


What is a cats anus?

A cats anus is the area where you put your finger to take their temperature, believe me I'm a proctologist.

Where does your girlfriend have to press to make you ejaculate when she put her finger in your anus?


How do you go about self fingering your anus?

well, what you do is, enter your first preferable finger into your anus. You then thrust your finger in and out of the anus, once it starts to feel pleasurable, you then slowly but surely enter your second finger; then third, fourth etc until eventually your whole fist has entered your anus. I hope this helps :)

Where is the g-spot in your anus?

The prostate is your G-spot and you reach it through the anus. Put your middle finger in the anus with lube and you will feel like a lump. Massage it, moving your finger. You feel it through the wall of the colon.

Should man take bath after put finger in wife anus?

he should take bath with fire

Can a 12 year old without a period put her finger up her fanny?

No, when you're 12 you don't have a fanny.

Why would a guy want his girlfriend to put her finger in his anus?

It means he's interested in having sex.

How does a 11 year old boy finger their 12 year old girlfriend?

Make sure your not by anyone and make sure she is ok with that and if she is then put your hand on her thigh and move your hand closer and put your hand inside and then put rub it and SLOWLY put your finger inside her and make sure not to do anything else like actually have sex cuz yall are young

Is it safe to put menthol in the anus?

It is not safe to put menthol in the anus.

How do you finger a 13 year old?

the same as you would finger any other girl. it's best to rub her clit and go down slow then put your fingers in, best if you use two. unless she is tight, then introduce the second finger slowly.