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Unlikely specifically for THC. However, pesticides uses, scent-masking chemicals and aromas, etc. CAN DEFINITELY cause hives...from 1st hand experience. Marijuana is a Weed (hence the name) and some people ARE allergic to it like any other plant. Benedryl can help, but with both of them in your system, you're Definitely gonna need a nap!

Some hives can come from irritation, not allergy. Some chemicals (see above- pesticides, et al.) can lower your body's pH balance and this can cause hives among other things.

Try drinking a teaspoon or 2 of baking soda in a glass of water twice a hives were due to my pH going too acidic. a few days of avoiding acidic foods and drinks along with the baking soda corrected the issue

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Q: Can THC in marijuania cause hives?
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