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Yes if the credit/debit card is suitable for the machine. It should show which cards it takes.

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Q: Can I withdraw money from any banks ATM?
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What is ATM facilities?

The banks today have ATM facilities. Under this system the customers can withdraw their money easily and quickly and 24 hours a day. This is also known as Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Automated Teller Machines allow you to withdraw money at any time of the day and any day of the week. In order to facilitate you to access your money at your convenience.

Can you use another banks ATM different from your bank to deposit money into a checking account if the symbols on the back match?

yes you can withdraw money from any bank ATM & view your balance as it features are limited The first answer does not answer the question. Yes, you can withdraw funds from any ATM with the same icon as your bank ATM card, but you can't deposit funds into any ATM that is not your own bank's ATM machine. Currently, when you select Deposit at a different bank ATM, your account number will not be recognized by that ATM.

Can you withdraw money if you have a negative balance?

Some ATM's will let you withdraw money even when you are overdrawn. however if you go to a teller then you will not be able to withdraw any money.

Can you withdraw money with cloned card?

Generally, yes, you can use your ATM card at any ATM to make withdrawals, but you will have pay a fee. However, some banks do restrict or forbid the use of other banks' card. Check with the bank in question. For more info connect at @tallaman

Is it possible to withdraw money from passbooks in any BPI banks now?

You can't withdraw money from any BPI branch... You can only withdraw from the BPI branch where you opened your Passbook account.

Why ATM are so popular with the customers?

Because they allow you to store money, and withdraw it at any time.

Can I withdraw more money from an ATM then is available?

A debit card used to withdraw money from an ATM has a limit. Mine is £250 in any one day. Other debit cards have other, often higher limits, that you can agree with your bank.

How much money can a person typically withdraw from an account?

You can withdraw any amount you wish from your account but if you want to withdraw from an ATM there is normally a daily limit in the amount that you can withdraw that depends on each bank.

Why is ATM Important to the bank?

ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. It is a device using which customers can withdraw cash from their account. The benefits of an ATM are: i. Easy and convenient access to money ii. Any time usage iii. No need to stand in bank queues Because of these benefits they are very important for banks to attract & retain customers

Can you use ATM card issued by bank of china to withdraw cash from any ATM?

If your ATM card is linked to a major network (ie. MasterCard, Visa) then you may use a machine that displays at least one of those symbols. Meanwhile, if your ATM card does not have those symbols and isn't linked to a major network then you can only withdraw money from the issuing bank...

Can you transfer money to one account to another through ATM?

Yes. Most ATM machines these days come with capabilities to transfer money to other accounts of the same bank. If you have an account with say XYZ bank and use the ATM of the XYZ bank, you can transfer money to any other customer who has a XYZ bank account using that ATM. Note: Not all banks have this feature but there are many banks that do so.

What is a Private ATM?

These ATMs will not be owned by any bank. Any bank ATM Card that is tagged to a service like VISA or MasterCard or any other service will be able to use the ATM and withdraw cash. These ATMs will be linked to all banks in India and will be able to service cash withdrawal requests of all customers irrespective of what bank they have an account with.