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in my opinion yes you can because an expert says that when you stop having your period then your maybe to old to be pregnant but if you still have your period then don't even wait just go for it!!

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Q: Can I still get pregnant after age 50?
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Can you still get pregnant at age 39?

yes, you can. As long as you still have your period. Usually, the ending time of being able to have a baby is between 45-50 or so.

Can you be pregnant at 50 years?

If the female is still ovulating then yes she can become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant at age 45?

Yes, you can. Some women don't experience menopause until after the age of 50.Yes many women can get pregnant at that age.

Can a 50 year old get a 40 year old woman pregnant?

Yes. It is rare and as females age it becomes harder for them to get pregnant but it is possible. To become pregnant at that age may require in vitro fertilization or other doctor assisted procedures.

Can a woman in menopause get pregnant at age 50?

yes- if she has her period now and then

Can 50 year old man get girl pregnant?

Yes, a 50 year old can get a girl pregnant. Men have fathered children at a much older age.

Do you still need milk at age 50?

Yes, you still need the vitamins it supplies.

What are the release dates for Trisha - 2012 Test My Pregnant Teen--- Is She Still Using Drugs 2-50?

Trisha - 2012 Test My Pregnant Teen--- Is She Still Using Drugs 2-50 was released on: USA: 11 December 2013

At the age of 16 can a pregnant girl choose where she wants to live?

No, she is still a minor.

Can a man at the age 58 still get a young wonmen pregnant?

yes..... he can, but it depends about his health. but people dont really do it at that age

Is a 17 yr old that is pregnant still a minor?

Your ability to have a child does not change your age. Until you are 18 you are still a minor.

Tubes tied and burnt for 22 years missed period age 50 am i pregnant?

Menopause more likely.