Can I mail my cell phone in for repair?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. You can mail your cell phone in for repair. It really does depend on what brand of cell phone it is and if the company is willing to accept cell phone repair by mail.

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Q: Can I mail my cell phone in for repair?
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Cell Phone Repair Shops?

form_title=Cell Phone Repair Shops form_header=Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone? Get an expert to help fix it for far less. Does your cell phone have any physical damage?*= () Yes () No Brand of cell phone?*= _[50] Model of cell phone?*= _[50] Is your cell phone still under warranty?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

Where can i repair a cell phone antenna?

Surprisingly, repair for cell phone antennas can be found online at websites like, and

Phone goes straight to voice mail What is wrong?

When a cell phone goes directly to voice mail, it means either the phone is turned off, or the cell phone is not in service.

How do you set up your voice mail on a cell phone?

Depends on what kind of cell phone it is

How do you set up your voice mail on cell phone?

Depends on what kind of cell phone it is

Can you send pictures from cell phone to email?

Yes, but you have to use e-mail protocol, so you send a normal mail from your cell phone.

How do you reset the password on your voice mail of your cell phone if you have forgotten it?

You will need to either reset your phone or call your cell phone provider to reset your voice mail password.

Does best buy repair cell phones?

Yes, Best Buy does offer cell phone repair. It is through Geek Squad that services are provided. You can also get a warranty on your phone and have the actual manufacturer repair your phone as well.

What type of store should I go to for cellular phone repair?

You can go to one of the multiple locations for you cell phone provider. There are also local stores that provide cell phone repair.

Where can I get a DR cell phone?

DR Cell phone can not be purchased from the AT&T store, as it is not actually a cell phone. Rather it is a store that offers to repair broken cell phones.

where do I find a cell phone repair shop?

Yes, I can help you, you can go to your local service center for the brand of cell phone you have. They usually have a repair center there for all of your needs.

How do you send pictures from gmail to Verizon cell phone?

You can not send pictures from Mail to a phone. However you can open the mail in a phone. You can them download the images to the phone memory.