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It is not recommended to get any new piercing during pregnancy. No matter how carefully it is done, there is always a slight risk of infection. We would suggest you to wait for pregnancy to get over. And in case you wish to get under the needle badly, make sure you take aggressive care of the area involved.

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Q: Can I get a piercing while pregnant?
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Can you get a Marilyn Monroe piercing while pregnant?


Can you get affected children from a belly button piercing?

No but you should remove your belly piercing while pregnant . but they do make special jewelry for that . and piercers will not pierce you if you are pregnant

Can you get a nose piercing while you're pregnant?

You could, as there is minimal chance for adverse reactions from a piercing while pregnant, but still, a lot of shops will not be inclined to work on you while you are pregnant just for possible insurance and liability reasons. Call around I'd say.

Can you get a facial piercing while you are pregnant?

Getting a facial piercing while pregnant is possible, although it is risky. Piercing increases the risk of infection and it also limits any medication that you could take for such an infection. It is better to just wait to get a piercing after having and weaning the baby. If someone still plans on getting a piercing it is probably best if they discuss this with their doctor first. Blood-born infections are very rare in facial piercings, unless it's through the tongue. Most infections are epidurmal. I agree you should check with the doctor, but if you're in a clean place you should be fine.

Can you get Lebrit piercings while you are pregnant?

Professional Body Piercing studios will not pierce anyone who is pregnant or may be pregnant. There are serious health issues that can come up from getting a piercing done when you are pregnant, risks to the baby and to yourself. Please don't hold anyone else responsible for your decisions, wait till the baby is born then get the piercing done when there is only one life at risk from secondary infections. The post piercing aftercare is as serious as getting the initial piercing done and needs to be followed during the early stages of healing. The load on the immune system is increased when a woman is pregnant and adding a new piercing to the mix is a very bad idea. By the way it's called a Labret piercing. Cheers

Can you leave your navel piercing in when pregnant?

Despite what most people say, you indeed can leave your navel in while pregnant! You need to buy a navel retainer, usually made of a hard rubber for pregnancy piercing jewelry, but almost any type of retainer will do.

What do you do with your hip piercing when your pregnant?

get rid of them.

Can you get a nipple piercing while pregnant?

Well, to answer your first query, NO you simply cannot get a nipple piercing if you are pregnant. Not just a nipple piercing, but you should not think about any kind of piercing when you are pregnant. A pregnancy requires you to be in the least amount of stressful situations as possible, while maintaining your strength. As a piercing can be very painful, not to mention rob you of your strength, you should avoid it during pregnancy. And then there are those people who actually seem to believe that a fetus can sense the mother

Is it safe to pierce your tongue while pregnant?

Sure go for it. Just take good care of the piercing and make sure it doesn't get infected. If you see any signs of infection remove the piercing immediately.

If im pregnant should i take out my tongue piercing?

Getting any kind of body modification is NOT reccomended while your are pregnant. Infections may have affect on the baby. If you were to faint due to receiving the piercing, that would cause lack of oxygen to your baby. Also, shock could affect the baby.

Can you get a belly button piercing while pregnant?

You could but it's not a good idea. When your belly button shrinks back down to size the piercing could be uneven. It's best just to wait until you have your baby.

Can a woman that's pregnant still keep her navel piercing in?

She can still keep her navel piercing in.