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No HP adapter only can used in the HP laptop , as the laptop has its own input volt , only the orginal adapter can offer the right output volt.

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Q: Can HP adapter can be used to any laptop?
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Which Adapter will work best for my HP laptop?

HP 402018-001 AC Adapter will work well with an HP laptop.

Can final cut express be used on a hp laptop?

yes it can be used for an hp laptop, but you need an adapter. and so few stores have them so it's probably not worth your time.

What type of adapter do you need to convert a HP PSC 500 printer to your laptop?

To convert an HP PSC 500 printer to a laptop, you need an adapter cable to convert the parallel port to USB.

Which laptop power cord will charge my laptop the fastest?

HP 402018-001 AC Adapter will charge your computer pretty fast.

Where would be a good place to buy a HP laptop adapter?

The HP website retails almost all paraphernalia for their products. They have laptops, laptop chargers as well as travel adapters for all of one's various laptop needs.

If you travel with your HP pavilion dv6000 laptop from the US to Israel what electrical cords do you need to take with you to be able to use your laptop?

no cords, just a/c adapter

Can you use HP laptop adapter 120w instead of 65w?

If the adapter has the correct voltage, connector type and polarity, there should be no problem. The 65W and the 120W is the number of watts of power the adapter can provide. If the laptop needs 65W and the adapter can supply 120W, it should work fine. Had it been the other way around, the adapter might not be able to supply enough power for the laptop and it might get too hot and burn out.

I Have a HP G60 laptop with wireless g adapter and want to use wireless n usb adapter how.Do I need to disable the G adapter or physically unhook it .?

You can just disable device, there is no need in disconnecting the G adapter.

Does HP make the best printers?

Yes, HP printers can be used with any type of laptop or desktop. The HP printer is definetly top of the line and I think you will be very happy with it.

Is HP mini 2140 a good laptop?

Yes, it is a good laptop. I recommend HP as in I never had any trouble with HP. On the other hand, I bought a compaq >.> wish I didn't...And its the worst laptop I ever had!

Can you use any kind of USB cable with a HP Laptop ?

Yes, you can use any kind of USB cable with a HP Laptop as long as the adapters match your computer.

How long does it take the HP 402018-001 AC Adapter to recharge the battery of an HP Pavilion laptop?

this usually takes 2-3 hours depending on screen mode and other factors.