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Everyone can have a quinceanera but mostly on the people of spanish origin

have it. I think its a little weird for some english person to have one, but

you can still have one no matter what ethnicity you are.

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Q: Can Australians celebrate quinceanera's
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Do all states in Mexico celebrate quinceaneras?

It is a cultural tradition, not a regional one; the answer is yes.

Which Australians celebrate St Patrick's day in March?

Many Australians celebrate it, but particularly Australians of Irish ancestry or people from Ireland who are in Australia.

Can a guy have a quinceniera?

Yes. A lot of Catholic parents have their boys celebrate quinceaneras, but it is generally not as big a deal as for girls.

Where do Australians celebrate Valentine's Day?

Australians celebrate Valentine's Day much like the rest of the world; in homes and restaurants and doing special things.

How do Australians celebrate Kwanzaa?

We dont celebrate Kwanza, most Australians wouldnt even know what it is. We have a very very small population of African Americans.

How do australians celebrate Hanukkah?

The same as Jews everywhere.

What day do the australians celebrate Christmas?

25th of December

What is the difference between how the Australians and Germans celebrate Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is essentially a beer drinking festival in a convivial atmosphere. About the only difference would be that Germans celebrate it in Germany and Australians celebrate it in Australia with fake German accents.

How do aboriginals celebrate Christmas?

In the true Aboriginal culture Christmas isn't celebrated. But for the indigenous Australians who have embraced the human culture celebrate it the same way as all the rest of the Australians. == == === ===

How does Australiens celebrate Christmas?

Don't know about australiens but Australians do!

Do Australians celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?

Many Australians do celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Many have Irish ancestors. Others just join in with the celebrations that Irish people are having there.

How do Australia celebrate advent?

Australians Celebrate advent by lighting a candle...?