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sure - a little. It's a decent pain reliever, but it does nothing from swelling / inflammation that is likely the source of the pain.

ibuprofen helps with both the pain AND the swelling. But ibuprofen is not nice to stomachs. If you're not a regular ibuprofen taker, beware of stomach pain when you take it...

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Q: Can Acetaminnophen help cramp pains
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Cramp like pains in calves of legs caused by poor circulation?


You was exercising and suddenly felt left lower abdomen pains?

You are out of shape and got a cramp.

A painful contraction of a muscle?

A spasm or cramp

What does the phrase writer's cramp mean?

It means that a writer has been writing so much that his hand has cramps (pains) in the muscles.

How does bear oil help ached and pains?

How does bear oil help ached and pains

What happens when you get a Charlie Horse?

Charlie horse pain refers to a cramp and or spasm in the leg muscles. These pains can last for anywhere between seconds and a full day. There can be many causes of Charlie horse pains including dehydration and lack of calcium or potassium.

if you masrerbate while on your pireod will it help with cramps?

Yes, orgasms help against menstruation cramp.

Does the binaca breath spray help a cramp in a muscle?

yes it does help.... it should help a little bit anyway

What should you do when you get A muscle cramp?

Stop doing whatever activity triggered the cramp, Gently stretch and massage the cramping muscle, holding it in stretched position until the cramp stops, and Apply heat to tense/tight muscles, or cold to sore/tender muscles.

Why might someone with a cramp be given pure oxygen to breathe?

The "Someone" with a cramp will be given pure oxygen because when the "someone" inhales & exhales the oxygen, it releases the soar and cramped body part. university hospitals

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