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no but sperm can exit through it and if fertalized in the women you can.

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Q: Can A condum get you pregnant?
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If you wear a condum can you still get pregnant?

yes you can because if the condum slips or brakes then it will allow the sperm and the semen enter the female vagina and get her pregnant if it hits the egg but if your careful and the condum doesnt brake or slip then you wont be able to get pregnant because the male condum blocks the sperm and the semen and it wont be able to enter the body

What happens when you do it without a condum?

The female could become pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condum was punture but no sperms came out?

for sure

Whats A Condum?

Something to use when you have sex so you don't get AIDs or get pregnant.

What is Somalias resources?


What is Best medicine for hold sperm?

a condum?

What are river valleys used for?

they are used as a condum

What was a common used for?

I'm guessing you mean condum or however you spell it!! Well they're used for guys, of course. They stick it on there're you know what so it prevents from getting the girl pregnant.

Can you see what a girl condum looks like?


How do you use female condum?

How do you use female condom

What is a female condum?

its protection that sort of stretches in the vagina so the penis can fit but just like a man's condum prevence STD's and sperm to exit into a women's body.

What is the chance of a girl getting pregnant if the guy smokes marijuana and wears a condum?

Weed does not protect anyone from pregnancy but it can make the guy fumble with the condom. If the condom is used correctly you have zero chance of pregnancy.