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It depends, how cold is the weather? if it is hot then probably not, but if it is chilly than it is probably not a good idea to go swimming anyways

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Q: Can A child get sick from swimming in a cold swimming pool?
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Is High temp in swimming pool safe?

If you are swimming competitively and aggresively, it can make you sick.

Can you catch a virus from swimming in a swimming pool?

There are two ways to catch a virus from a swimming pool.1]inhailing the water.2]if someone whom is sick spits in the pool and water is drunk could lead to an illness.

Can you get sick from swimming?

Yes. By swimming just for so for 3 - 5 at least you can get a cold.

Can you get sick swimming in a green pool?

The color of the pool is no problem at all. If the water is green, who in his right mind would jump in?

Why swimming pool water have chlorine?

Chlorine is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms in pool water st oping swimmers from getting sick

Can a two year old go swimming if she has cold?

um no because they will give the cold to others and they will probaly get more sick.

Why it is important to make sure that swimming pool water is clean give rasons?

If its not clean people might get sick.

Is there any harm in having mallard ducks in your swimming pool?

Extremely unsanitary - you could get quite sick from their poop.

When is the best time to go swimming in the waimea bay?

The best time to go swimming in the Waimea Bay is when it's warm outside. You don't want to go swimming when it's cold out, you might get sick or very cold.

Can you get a cold from swimming - Just started swimming lessons a few weeks ago. My 1 year old daughter and nephew also just started lessons. All of us are sick with colds. Is it from swimming?

A cold is caused by a virus, so no you can't get it from swimming. However, your immune system may have been compromised when getting in the pool water and then going outside with wet hair in cold weather possibly. Therefore, your immune system plummets making you more susceptible to germs and subsequently getting a cold!

Are swimming pool chemicals dangerous if you drink them while swimming?

If only a little is drank no harm will be done, but if someone were to drink a lot of pool water they might get sick. Some studies say the chemicals in pool water can cause cancer but not enough research has been done on that theory.

Should you go swimming when you are sick?

No you should not because the dampness an coldness with Accelerate the cold virus an make it worse

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