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By fermentation, yeast (only some types) converts carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and alcohols.

In beer, the CO2 is captured to create foam, and the alcohol is self explanatory.

Once the alcohol level reaches a certain level, the yeast can no longer survive.

So a simple answer, is that years eat the carbohydrate of sugar, breathe out CO2, and alcohol is their excrement.

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Q: By what process is sugar converted into alcohol?
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What beer has the lowest sugar count?

pilsner In general, beer has very little sugar in it, the highest would be 4 grams for a serving, but most are much less. The sugars that are in the original ingredients have been converted to alcohol.

How many grams of sugar are there in a pint of cider?

None. The sugar is converted to alcohol.

When beer is made the starch in the barley is?

Converted to sugar, then fermented into alcohol.

In what process is simple sugar converted into starch?


How would a wine maker produce a dry wine?

He adds no sugar to the grape juice in the process of fermentation. Adding sugar to the unfermented grape juice is called chaptilisation and is used to increase the final alcohol content of the wine. To make a dry wine the winemaker will allow the fermentation process to continue until all the sugar has been converted to alcohol.

In beer What food does the sugar come from?

The sugar that was converted into alcohol typically originates from grain such as barley, wheat and rice.

Why is there no diet alcohol?

Because alcohol by it's distilling process is mainly sugar.

How is alcohol made using yeast?

In beer making, maltose in the wort is converted to ethanol and carbon dioxide.

What is changed into alcohol during the process of brewing?


What nutrient is liquor?

Alcohol's main nutrient is sucrose (sugar), which is converted to glucose in the body.

Is wine less sweet as it fermentes?

Yes, as the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

How does brewer's yeast work in alcohol making?

Alcohol is a natural by-product of the process by which yeast convert sugar to energy.