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Try the Browning A-Bolt, they're supposed to be pretty decent.

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Q: Browning bolt action rifles 30-06 cal?
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What is the model and age of a 3006 Browning bolt action serial 06073RN117 made in Japan?

It could be that you have a A-bolt hunter model I,But I am not 100%certain.I can say that your browning bolt action rifle was made in the year 1979 by the two letters in the serial number(RN).

Browning olympian 3006 a bolt belgium made?

It will be marked.

What type of browning 30-06 rifles were made in 60's?

The Browning BAR model and the bolt action lineup that included the Safari and the Medalion.

Where can you get information on old browning bolt action rifles?

Besides a number of books published on Browning, and some of the gun collector forums (google Browning collectors) you might start with Browning. They have a website, and are still in business making very nice rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Cost XL7 bolt action 3006 caliber?


What is a sears 53A 3006 bolt action worth?

100-400 USD

What is the value of a bsa 3006 rifle bolt action?

100-400 or so

What is the value of a Browning a bolt medallion 3006 new in box?

At least 500 dollars for one in the condition that you describe.

What is an a-bolt browning?

It is a bolt action rifle.

How do you tell if you have a browing gold medallion 7 mm mag?

To tell if you have a Browning Gold Medallion 7 mm mag, you can compare this rifle to the Browning rifles pictures on websites like GunsAmerica. Make sure you have a bolt action rifle with a Browning markings on the buttstock and on the bolt.

When was my browning safari grade made in Finland rifle made serial 829Y4?

The small caliber and action Browning Safari grade bolt action rifles were made from 1959-1975.Your rifles action was made by Sako.The serial number does not correspond to any of my records on the safari bolt action rifles.It should have a prefix or suffix to the serial number.The only time this was not used was for the year 1959.Your rifle could have been made that year.

Im trying too find bolt action for Sears mod 53 3006 rifles?

Good luck. I would try gun shops, gun shows, want ads, Shotgun News to start.