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Good rifle

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Q: Browning bbr 7mm rem serrial 05607pm117?
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Could you please say what the empty weight of a Browning BBR in 7mm Rem Mag?

6lbs give or take

What does the 117 in the serial number 07162rp117 of a browning BBR 7mm rem mag mean?

It describes the model of the firearm.

What is a browning bbr serial 05607pm117?

Browning Bolt action Rifle. BBR. Year serial numbers start with 010001. PM is year of manufacture. 1980 117 is the model type. Standard hunter model. So your rifle is a Browning bolt action rifle manufactured in 1980 around July. Standard right hand hunter model.

Will a browning a-bolt stock fit a browning BBR?


What does bbr stand for?

Browning Bolt Rifle.

What is the value of a Browning 7mm rem magazine serial 03177rn117?

Having trouble identifying the model. In 1979 (date indicated by your sn), Browning produces the BBR bolt-action rifle, the B78 single-shot and the BAR semiautomatic rifle in 7mm Remington Magnum, but none of those had that 117 designation. What type of rifle do you have?

Where is the serial number on your browning bbr?

on the receiver

What is the value of a browning bbr 300 win mag?

Need a detailed description

In which year was fabricated a Browning BBR rifle having 06320PM117 as serial no.?

The letters PM indicate 1980 manufacture.

What is the value of a Browning BBR 243 like new condition 20 years old?

500 USD or so.

What is the Model and Worth of a Browning with Serial Number ending in RN117?

Your rifle was manufactured in 1979 [RN}. The 117 designates it as a BBR model number [pre-"A"bolt] The BBR was manufactured from 1978 thru 1984, When the "A" bolt was introduced. They are a very well built gun, and according to Browning, the cost of production was their demise.

What does the NP on the barrel of a on a Browning rifle BBR stand for.?

date of manufacture, np=98 date of manufacture, np=98