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The trigger pull should only be adjusted by a trained gunsmith. Browning does not publish trigger pull weights.

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Q: Browning Auto 5 what is the standard set for trigger pull-lbs How is it adjusted?
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Where can a browning bar 270 trigger be adjusted?

A gunsmith can help you.

Why doesn't my 1967 Belgium Browning have a gold trigger?

Only the "light" Twenty" had a gold trigger. My 1964 Belgium Browning Light Twenty has a gold trigger.

How do you adjust the trigger on a browning blr?

You find a Browning trained armorer

Is the browning auto 5 shtogun with gold trigger is trigger really gold?

The trigger is just a gold looking plating that is applied.

Why does Browning model 1885 fail to fire trigger pull has been adjusted will fire once in five times?

Have a gunsmith check your stock. It may be swelling of the wood which is hindering some of the mechanisms. I had similar problem with a Model 78.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the new Browning BAR's horrid trigger pull if Browning in Arnold Missouri won't even talk about it?

I don't think Browning can modify trigger pull on their rifles due to liability, but you can contact a retired Browning Gunsmith who does excellent work on pull.

Browning sweet 16 with gold trigger?

Yes, that was an option.

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen gold trigger number 3512F02 with a tiger stock?

Not a valid Browning serial number.

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen S76727 gold trigger?

Browning sweet 16 model s76727 value

Can you lighten the trigger pull on bar i have done a trigger job on a 1022 factory triger?

DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send it back to Browning.

Where could you purchase a trigger for a Browning A-5 Light 12 Belgium 1951 with a worn gold trigger?

You can purchase browing gun parts directly from Browning's warehouse and repair facility in Arnold, Missouri.

Does the phenom have a response trigger?

Not standard.