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The silver side should be the one "Touching" the water, this allows the light to pass through the blue and light bounding back up from the bottom to be trapped by the silver.

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Q: Blue and silver solar pool cover which side faces the water?
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Should you leave the vinyl pool cover on when using a solar blanket or does the pool cover above the solar blanket hinder the solar blanket's performance?

Remove the vinyl cover when using a solar blanket to warm the water. If the vinyl cover is used at the same time as the solar blanket, the vinyl cover absorbs most of the heat and then transfers the heat into the air or water between the vinyl cover and the solar blanket. Then the heat transfers to the solar blanket and then, finally, into the water. When this happens, a lot of heat remains in the vinyl cover and air/water between the two covers instead of getting into the water. It is preferable to have the heat absorbed by the solar cover and then transfer directly into the water. Hope this helps... Too much redundancy in pool covers.

Does a solar cover have to actually touch the water?

Yes, the solar cover should touch the pool water. The cover absorbs the heat from the sun and then transfers that heat to the water. If the cover does not touch the water, most of the heat will end up in the air between the cover and the water rather than going into the water itself. Hope this helps ...

Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?

Yes. The filter will pull water into the skimmer from under the cover and send it back into the pool through the return line. In fact, when using a solar cover the pool will warm slightly faster if the water is circulating (the solar cover is continuously heating all of the water rather than a just a small layer of already warm water right under the cover). Heat flows faster the greater the temperature difference. Hope this helps...

Do you take a solar cover off in the event of rain?

The only reasons to take a solar cover off should be to swim or if the water temperature gets hotter than you desire.

Can you add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on?

It's not possible to add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on. You will need to remove the solar cover from part or all of the pool in order to put optimizer or other pool treatment products into your swimming pool water.

Do the bubbles on a solar cover go on top or in the water?

The bubbles need to go in the water, facing the bottom of the pool.

Will a solar cover left in the pool under the winter cover over the winter ruin the solar cover?

If the water balance is correct then no it will be fine, but in my experience it's generally not so I'd advise to remove it, dry and fold, and store out of direct sunlight.

Can you use dollars that are written on?

Yes as long a it doesn't cover important bits like the water mark or writing or any faces

Can a solor pool cover cause green water?

I am not sure why this has not been answered. The most common reason for the green is algae growth. If you put on a solar cover and ignore pool maintenance, then the algae will grow as the water heats and when you remove the cover, the pool will be green

What does the thickness of a pool solar cover have to do with the way it works?

The thickness is usually relative to the 'years' of warranty on the cover.. the thicker the cover, the more layers, or thicker layer of protective/insulative coating on the core of the solar blanket. In my experience it is worth buying the extra thick cover. they are much more durable , which is good because the corrosive nature of the water over the years.

Should you use your solar cover on your salt water pool during a heat wave during the day?

No because the salt with melt. Also the water will evaporate a little

When is it necessary to remove a solar blanket from a pool and is removal necessary to maintain oxygen levels in the water?

A solar blanket is an inexpensive way to heat your pool water. It should not stay on during the of season. I recommend a winter pool cover. However, the heat fgenerated from the solar cover absorbs a significant amount of chlorine and tends to lower the Ph level in the pool. I suggest you regularly, atleast once a week, check the chemical levels in the pool water.