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You will have to contact the maker to find out.

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Q: Between what years was the 22 gamo model 600 air rifle manufactured?
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When was the Western Field 22 Rifle Model M820B manufactured?

The Western field model M820B was made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.The Mossberg model 340 is the same firearm that you have.these were made between the years 1958-1980 by Mossberg.

What years was the Sears Roebuck Model 42 DL - JC Higgins 22 caliber rifle manufactured?

1958 to 1961

What years was the Stevens Savage Arms Model 89 - 22 Long Rifle manufactured?

This lever action .22cal rifle was first made in the year 1976.I am not sure when it was discontinued.

What is the age of a springfield model 83 22 caliber single shot rifle?

The age of a Springfield model 83 .22 caliber single shot rifle is between 75 and 79 years old. The guns were manufactured by Stevens Arms Company between 1935 and 1939. Depending on the condition of the gun they may be sold for anywhere from $40 up to about $75.

How old is your Iver Johnson's model x rifle?

made between the years of 1930 and 1944.

Ithaca skb model 200 mgf date?

The Ithaca Gun Company manufactured shotguns between the years 1969 and 1978. The Model 200 was almost certainly manufactured at that?ætime.

Was the shape of Winchesters stock on a model 70 rifle ever changed because I have one with a flat fore end in a western model made in 1963?

There've been a few different stocks available on the Winchester Model 70 throughout the years, with very visible differences between them. At the time when that rifle was manufactured, there was almost certainly more than one stock option available.

What year did they make the model 94 Winchester with the serial 4536353?

Your rifle was manufactured in 1977. Model 94 was discontinued by Winchester last year after 110 years so yours may appreciate in value.

Trying to date a 22 cal pump rifle serial number 105574 model 62a?

Your Winchester Model 62A Slide Action .22 Caliber Rifle with serial number 105574 was manufactured in 1940. Thus, making your rifle 70 years old, as of 2010. I hope you find this information helpful.

Age of Winchester 94 607159?

Your Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle with serial number 607159, was manufactured in 1912. Thus, making your rifle 98 years old, as of 2010. The model number did not change from Model 1894 to Model 94, until near the 700,000 serial number. The correct model number will be shown on the upper tang of the receiver on your rifle. I hope you find this information helpful.

What years were the Winchester model 100 carbine made?

the Winchester model 100 semi-auto rifle was made between 1961-1975.

What year is the Winchester model 94 3030 serial number 1812661 made?

That rifle was manufactured in 1951. Winchester manufacture years can by found at: