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homework, teachers, drama, getting up early, and DRAMA!!

Also uniforms, raising hands and grammar and hand writing

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Some people may find school to be stressful, overwhelming, or boring at times. Others may struggle with meeting academic expectations, feeling pressure to perform, or facing social challenges. Additionally, some students may experience bullying, discrimination, or mental health issues while at school.

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Q: Bad things about school
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What are the bad things of school?

All of it!

Is lathrop intermidiate school a bad?

well it is a bad school when students do bad things like cussing,throwing food,and stuff like that

Does iPod playing after school affect school grades?

Not really, but to some people they play bad games on the I pod and then do bad things in school.

How do people do bad things in school?

Most people do bad things in school to gett attention. Also they do it because they feel that they can, because the teacher does not punish them at all or the student just doesnt geet punished out of school!

Why is STAR the worst school in the history of school?

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What are some bad things about e readers in school?

Nothing As far as i can tell

What are good things and bad things to go school?

Good things are we learn a lot that make our future by every aspect. And bad is that which doesn't matchable to you, as some teachers, environment, boring subject...

Why do i keep on having anxiety about the next school year every summer?

Becouse of all the bad things and good things that happen to you in the recent school year keeping you anxiouse

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