BSA Meteor we45946 what model is it?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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see the link below. This may help you identify your model. You will have to look at all of them to find yours

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Q: BSA Meteor we45946 what model is it?
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Value of a Ithaca BSA meteor air rifle?

BSA made 8 different Meteor model rifles starting with the MK1 to 6, MK 6 Carbine and a Super. Identify your model and state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value.

What does the prefix N stand for on a bsa meteor air rifle?

you could be looking at a Meteor MK IV and think it's an "N" this model was produced from 1973-1977. Or you could ask BSA directly at the link below.

How to put Trigger spring back in bsa meteor?

See the link below. When it opens select your model for the drawing.

How do you reassemble the trigger mechanism on a bsa meteor spring loaded air rifle?

it depends on the model. See the link below and select you model to see the diagram.

Can you convert your BSA meteor to pnumatic?

No. Not cost effective.

What moderator can you fit on a bsa meteor mk1 air rifle?

I would direct this question directly to BSA at the link below. They would have the best answer.

What price for BSA Meteor air rifle tune up?

100 or so

How much is bsa meteor 22 air rifle immaculate condition worth?

There are several versions of the BSA Meteor. So I will break it down. MKI, MKII, MKIII, MKIV, & MKV. In immaculate condition around $160-$180. MK6 $270-$320, MK6 Carbine $295-$350, Meteor Super $185-$210

How much is a brand new 22 meteor full power?

I am not sure exactly what you mean by "Full Power" so I assume you are asking about one that is NOT sold in the UK directly. The Mark 7 is the latest Meteor model. It comes in both .177 and .22 cal. It is made by BSA. (see the link below.) It is a Springer. BSA does make more powerful models in the PCP class of air rifles. The last reported price was around $300

Does anyone have a model 9422 BSA Winchester for sale?


What model is your bsa air rifle No GS4818?

I suggest you contact BSA Directly at the link below. They may be able to help you.

What age is my model D 1609 BSA air rifle?

I suggest you contact BSA directly for the best answer. See the link below.