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This varies based on your tolerance level. Most people appear obviously drunk (unsteadiness, glassy or bloodshot eyes, slurred speech) at about a BAC of .12. .08 is legally drunk.

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2011-02-08 02:15:00
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Q: At what blood alcohol concentration are you likely to experience unsteadiness in walking and standing?
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Blood alcohol concentration measures?

The blood alcohol concentration measures how much alcohol is in your blood.

What is the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream called?

Blood Alcohol Level ---- Doctors answer: The serum concentration

What does BAC stands for?

IT stands for Blood Alcohol concentration and the meaning of this word is to see how much alcohol is in your blood.

What BAC stands for alcohol?

Blood Alcohol Concentration

Is alcohol normally found in the blood of a person who doesn't drink and what is the normal blood alcohol concentration?

No it is not , the normal blood alcohol concentration is 0.000000

What factors can influence a person's blood alcohol concentration?

Which of the following could influence a person's blood alcohol concentration

What is blood alcohol concentration?

The blood alcohol concentration is a measurement of how much alcohol is mixed in with your blood. This formula is used to determine if you have consumed too much to be driving.

What does alcohol affect?

vision, concentration

The concentration of alcohol and water solution is 25 percent alcohol by volume what is volume of alcohol and 200 lM of solution?

If the concentration of alcohol and water solution is 25 percent alcohol by volume, the volume of alcohol in a 200 solution is 50.

Which alcohol is poisonous?

Every type of alcohol is poisonous at any concentration.

What happens if water is added into alcohol?

The concentration of the alcohol will simply be diluted.

What is blood alcohol concentration level?

It refers to the proportion of alcohol in the blood.

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