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about the age of 14 some earlier just depends on their hormones

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2011-09-12 15:41:33
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Q: At what age do teen girls start getting sexual erges?
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What do girls do when making out?

they start getting aroused

At what age does a women's sexual desire start?

It's different for everyone. During puberty, for most girls.

After a discharge how long after do girls get there period?

Usually after girls start getting discharge they will get there period one or two years after.!

At what age do girls start getting pubic hair?

It really depend on the person and on their parents genes

What becomes active at puberty?

when you hit pubery, your voice becomes deep you start finding more intrest in girls, you start to wanna have sexual intercorse, you smoke all dat

When is the average age for girls to start getting their periods?

don't worry your daughter can start at any age their isn't really an average age to start periods

When do girls start there periods?

Normally girls start getting their Period's when they start going through Puberty which will be around 10 (at the youngest) years old. your period will start usually when you are 11 15 yrs old but you could start when your 8 to 18 yrs old your period will start when your body is ready .

When do you start getting synthoms if im pregnant?

If you are pregnant, missing a period after having sexual intercorse shows signs of being pregnant.

What age to girls start getting breast?

Once they hit Puberty. This can be anytime from 8 up until 16.

When do 14 year old girls get breasts?

It really depends on your body. Some girls start getting breasts at 11 and others not until almost 16.

Whenever me and my guy start getting sexual I start to shake but I'm not nervous or anything?

It probably means that you have a certain problem with your 'guy' but you most likely are still nervous about sucking small penis.

What age will you start puberty?

you will get when you are 10 to 13. but girls get it before boys. girls develop breasts, with hair on the organs and armpits and their period. with boys just getting hair on their organs and armpits

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