At what age do girls get breasts?

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everyone is different,.. but girls usually get breasts in middle school

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2016-03-15 03:41:43
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Q: At what age do girls get breasts?
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Related questions

When do girls get their breasts?

at the age 10-13

When are girls supposed to get breasts?

Age 12-14

What age should girls start to wear bras?

I personally think that it is up to how the girls breasts are growing at their age, everyones breasts grow at different ages! I am 11 years old and Im wearing bras. But still girls that are my age have bigger breasts than me. hopethat helped :)

When should girls get breasts?

in the age of puberty the girl should get breasts... around 11 to 13 years of age

Are you supposed to have breasts at ten?

some girls do get there boobs at the age of ten.

Why do you get breasts?

Girls develop breasts due to the hormones in their body. Usually, breasts are developed at the age of 10-13 They have different hormones to boys, which is why boys dont have breasts.

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.

What age do girls have breasts?

Usually at age 11 -13 they start developing because that's when puberty starts.

What age do girls ge breasts?

people grow at different stages but twelve is most likely when girls start but girls get breasts big enough to fit into standard size cups at thirteen. but who knows? everyone is different. :)

What size of breasts should girls have at age 12?

at least they should be a 32 a or 30 a its normal.

What age do girls have milk in their breasts?

They don't until they get pregnant. Though milk can be produced when not pregnant, females do not have an age at which they start to produce.

When do girls breasts begin to grow?

Girls breast usually grow during Puberty. Female puberty can begin from age 8 to 15 or so but the average start age will be 10 - 11 years. They usually start developing breasts then but everyone grows at different rates.

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