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I would say a pound or some where really close i am 22 weeks now and My baby weighs 1 pound 3 ounces but he is pretty big lol

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Q: At 22 weeks pregnant how much should the baby weigh?
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How much should my baby weigh at 22 weeks pregnant?

I believe the average is approximately 15.5 oz.

What should the fetus weigh at 34 weeks?

If you are 34 weeks pregnant,your baby should be around 5 to 6 pounds and gaining at a rate of 1/2 ounce a day.

How much does a baby weigh at 37 weeks pregnant?

probaly 6-8lb

How many kilograms should baby weigh at 34 weeks of pregnancy?

hi your baby should weigh about 4 pounds .

How much should a baby weigh at 32 weeks of pregnancy?

almost 4 lbs

How much does a baby weigh at 35 weeks pregnancy?

In cases of Fetal Growth Restriction it is better for the baby to be delivered at 35 weeks, than to remain pregnant and possibly face further restriction or loss.

How much should a baby weigh at 34 weeks pregnancy?

4.73 pounds and 17.72 inches

What is significant about being 40 weeks pregnant?

When one is forty weeks pregnant, the baby is basically done developing and is ready to be part of the world. The baby's internal organs should be working as well. One will experience increased pains due to pressure when one is forty weeks pregnant.

How many cm should your baby be if your 8 weeks pregnant?

About 1 and a half cm (1,6cm).

If you want your baby to be born in the month of February when should you try to get pregnant?

About 38 weeks prior to that. A pregnancy takes 40 weeks.

What should you expect at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

The mother should now look pregnant, she can feel the baby moving inside her and the baby's heart should be heard beating.

9 weeks pregnant i have painin my legs and pelvis and on sides by my hips?

Baby is pressing on your nerves . The baby will shift it should stop .